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Full Swimming pool removal in San Leandro

our swimming pool removal in San Leandro techs came to assess the pool that needs removingThe pool was great when you had teenagers at home. It was fantastic for those work parties and backyard BBQs. But it's seen better days, and quite frankly, you simply don't want to deal with the hassle of keeping it up anymore. We know. We've been there. You're not alone. Thousands of Californians choose to fill in their pools every year.

One of the biggest reasons that people keep their pools is because they think it adds value to the home. In some areas of the country this is true, but in San Leandro, buyers often look for homes without a pool (especially those with small children). A pool actually limits the appeal of your home to perspective buyers.

A full swimming pool removal in San Leandro will cost somewhere in the neighborhood of $5000 to $15,000, depending on the size of your pool and where it is located in your yard. The bigger it is, the more it's going to cost. The harder it is to get to, the more it's going to cost. But, even more costly than hiring the job out is trying to do it yourself. California has strict codes for how a pool can be removed. There are regulations on everything from how you drain the water to what type of fill is allowed and they are spread between three separate building codes (Building Code, Residential Code and Plumbing Code). Navigating hundreds of pages of code is something you aren't going to want to deal with.

Your San Leandro Swimming pool Demolition Pros

this is how it looks after our San Leandro swimming pool demolition techs cleared the areaOn top of the regulations, a swimming pool demolition in San Leandro requires a number of permits and inspections. When you hire us, we handle all of this red tape for you. We do the labor, we clear out the space, we rebuild the landscape, we grade the final fill and you get a brand new outdoor space to do what you want to with.

There are two types of pool demolition and removal – partial and full. A full San Leandro swimming pool demolition is the only acceptable choice if you plan on building on the site (it's also the best choice if you are planning to sell). Partial demolition is cheaper and takes less time, but is only recommended if you will be using the area for grass or garden purposes. Call our San Leandro pool removal specialists today. We can answer your individual pool removal questions and help you choose the correct route for your particular needs.